Singing the Songs of Zion
Soldiers' Hymn Collections and Hymn Singing
in the American Civil War

Mark D. Rhoads

"Every night the holy songs of Zion go up on this balmy spring air, a sweet incense, I think,
to the throne of the Eternal.
" Rev. William Hauser, chaplain of the 48th Georgia

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O sing to me of heaven S.M.
Mary Stanley Bruce Dana, 1840




A charge to keep I have
All hail the power of Jesus' name
Am I a soldier of the cross
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
Come thou fount of every blessing
Come we that love the Lord
Gently Lord O gently lead us
Guide me O thou great Jehovah
How firm a foundation
I would not live always
I'm a pilgrim and I'm a stranger
Jesus lover of my soul
Just as I am without one plea
Mid scenes of confusion
My days are gliding swiftly by
Nearer my God to thee
O happy day that fixed my choice
O sing to me of heaven
Rock of ages cleft for me
Say brothers will you meet us
There is a happy land
There is a fountain filled with blood
There is land of pure delight
When I can read my title clear
When I survey the wondrous cross
Why should we start and fear to die

O, sing to me of heav'n,
When I am called to die,
Sing songs of holy ecstasy,
To waft my soul on high!

When cold and sluggish drops
Roll off my marble brow,
Burst forth in strains of joyfulness,
Let heav'n begin below!

When the last moment comes,
O, watch my dying face,
And catch the bright, seraphic gleam
Which on each feature plays

Then to my ravished ear
Let one sweet song begin
Let music charm me last on earth,
And greet me first in heav'n.

Then close my sightless eyes,
And lay me down to rest,
And clasp my cold and icy hands
Across my peaceful breast.

Then round my senseless clay
Assemble those I love,
And sing of heav'n, delightful heav'n,
My glorious home above