Singing the Songs of Zion
Soldiers' Hymn Collections and Hymn Singing
in the American Civil War

Mark D. Rhoads

"Every night the holy songs of Zion go up on this balmy spring air, a sweet incense, I think,
to the throne of the Eternal.
" Rev. William Hauser, chaplain of the 48th Georgia

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Soldier's Hymn Book with Tunes
Boston: Young Men's Chritian Association (printed by The American
Tract Association, N.Y), 1863
board cover, 2
3/4" x 4 3/8", 100 hymns with 30 appended tunes

The Boston YMCA also published The Soldier's Hymn Book (Boston) with a similar cover. This editions contains 20 more hymns along with the appended tunes.



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The Soldier's Hymn Book with Tunes-Boston YMCA
The Soldier's Hymn Book-Boston YMCA
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Songs of Zion

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Delegates, in holding meetings and making visitations, almost every community was reached; in many churches the fourth Sunday evening of each month was observed as a concert of prayer for the army; and the supply of resources was continuous and large. In the number of Delegates commissioned (799) and the amount of money contributed ($330,197.86) during the full period of the Commission's operations, Boston was in advance of any other Branch; in stores and publications donated (4,032 packages at an estimated value of $494,200) she was just behind Pittsburg and Cincinnati. The Boston Committee also issued an admirable army hymn book, with tunes, [probably The Soldier’s Hymn Book with Tunes] which was much sought after and widely circulated.  (Report of a meeting of the Boston YMCA, Dec 2, 1861 in Moss, Rev. Lemuel. Annals of the United States Christian Commission. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1868 , p. 307)