Singing the Songs of Zion
Soldiers' Hymn Collections and Hymn Singing
in the American Civil War

Mark D. Rhoads

"Every night the holy songs of Zion go up on this balmy spring air, a sweet incense, I think,
to the throne of the Eternal.
" Rev. William Hauser, chaplain of the 48th Georgia

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The Soldier's Prayer Book arranged from the Book of Common Prayer with additional collects and hymns
Philadelphia: Protestant Episcopal Book Society, 1861
embossed paper wraps, 3 1/8" x 4 5/8", 47 hymns (41hymns plus 6 "Special Hymns for the Hospital")

Same hymns and order as Confederate Prayers Suitable for the Times in Which We Live but with the addition of "Special Hymns for the Hospital."




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The Sunday After the Passage of the Batteries The Indianola The Military and Naval Forces in Excellent Condition. NEW-CARTHAGE, MISSISSIPPI RIVER, Sunday, April 19, 1863.
After the usual quarters for inspection at 9 o'clock, the church flag is hoisted above the ensign, and all hands are piped to muster around the capstan, where the Captain generally reads the services prescribed for such occasions, the officers and men listening in respectful silence to the solemn, the almost inspired utterances of the service of the Protestant Episcopal Church. By the kind thoughtfulness of Mrs. HOLT, of the Sanitary Commission, who lately visited the fleet each of the officers and men on board the Lafayette is supplied with a neat little compilation, entitled The Soldier's Prayer Book, Arranged from the Book of Common Prayer, with Additional Collects and Hymns. Could that kind lady, and the generous Society who have printed this little book for circulation in the army and navy, have been able to look in upon this silent worshiping group, upon this pleasant Sabbath morning, each one supplied with their little book of hymns and prayers, would it not have repaid them somewhat for the interest they take in the sailor and the soldier? (New York Times, May 17, 1863)