Singing the Songs of Zion
Soldiers' Hymn Collections and Hymn Singing
in the American Civil War

Mark D. Rhoads

"Every night the holy songs of Zion go up on this balmy spring air, a sweet incense, I think,
to the throne of the Eternal.
" Rev. William Hauser, chaplain of the 48th Georgia

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Camp Hymns
Charleston: South Carolina Colportage Board, n.d.
binding unknown, size unknown, 38 hymns with suggested tune names



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The presses in every great commercial centre were busy in throwing off religious reading of every description, and yet so great was the demand that the supply was unequal to it during the whole of the war. At Richmond, Raleigh, Columbia, Charleston, Augusta, Mobile, Macon, Atlanta, and other cities, good men labored day and night to give our gallant soldiers the bread of life; and still the cry from the army was, Send us more good books. At one period of the war the Baptist Board alone circulated 200,000 pages of tracts weekly, besides Testaments and hymn-books [probably Camp Hymns]; and with the joint labors of other societies, we may estimate that when the work was at its height not less than 1,000,000 pages a week were put into the hands of our soldiers. (Bennett, William Wallace. A Narrative of the Great Revival Which Prevailed in the Southern Armies. Philadelphia: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1877,p. 76)

Rev. Jas. B. Taylor, Jr., formerly of Hampton's Legion, has been commissioned Chaplain of Col. Lucius Davis's cavalry regiment. Mr. Taylor is the compiler of that popular volume known as ‘"Camp Hymns."’ He is an excellent man and a fine preacher. (The Richmond Daily Dispatch: May 20, 1862)

Camp hymns.
The edition of 10,000 of this delightful little volume has been exhausted, and so great is the demand for it that the Colportage Society has determined to bring out another, edition, enlarged and improved, of 25,000 copies. This is the first volume of hymns published in the South since the formation of our Confederacy. ( The Richmond Daily Dispatch: January 2, 1862)